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At the start of the season

At the start of the season, you can sell players much more easily than later on. This means that you can //sell every player for his maximum price// and he will still be bought by the computer.==Therefore you should //always have the maximum amount of players possible on the transfer list// (usually 4). The reason for that is that you can buy players for less than their maximum price. When you sell them you make profit.==It is important to know that //it is harder to sell strikers//. For this reason, you should mostly buy and sell players on other positions.

Later in the season

Later in the season, it takes much longer to sell an expensive player for his maximum price. For this reason, it doesn't make sense to buy expensive players and put them on the transfer list for their maximum price.==However, you can still make profits with the transfer market: //The easiest way to do that is buying cheap players with a value below 2 million and selling them for their maximum price//.==You can also gain money buy selling more expensive players if you sell them for less than their maximum price but for more than the price for which you bought them.====//You can sell players later in the season fast by using those prices://====Value up to 2 mil: 100% of max. price==Value up to 6 mil: 90% of max. price==Value up to 12 mil: 80% of max. price==Value up to 18 mil: 70% of max. price==Value of 24 mil and upwards: 60% of max. price

During transfer events

During transfer events, you can use the same approach to gain money with the transfer market as at the start of the season:==//Always have the maximum amount of players on the transfer list (6)// and //sell them for their maximum price//. You can sell the players for their maximum price, because the event causes a higher selling chance.


Nationality Bonus

When deciding which players you should buy, you should pay attention to their nationality. If you have //5 or more players with the same nationality in your team you will get a nationality bonus//. This bonus isn't visible but it will improve your teams strength. Gamebasics (the creator of OSM) has stated that officially.

Team size

Having the right team size will have a positive impact on your team: Your team shouldn't have too many players because //it is inefficient to have players in your team that don't play//. Sell unnecessary players to get money. You can invest that money into better players.==On the other hand, you shouldn't have to few players because //your players need time to recover sometimes// and can't play every game. If your players don't get time to recover, their fitness bars will go down and they will play worse.==For those reasons, //a team size of around 18 to 21 players is the right choice//.


Recently a new update came out with //very specific positions such as CM, CAM and CDM.// Having your specific player in the //correct position//, gives you a //small bonus// for your next match. Obviously there are scenarios where you play a certain formation (when you try acounter tactic for example) and you don't have the right players for those positions to fit, in that case you shouldn't be worried too much, just make sure your //best players are playing// and you should be good to go, //the bonus you get is not that significant.//

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