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Beginners Guide Tip - Transfers

If you chose a small club, it is likely that your transfer budget is really small. However, you can change that easily: At the beginning of the season, you should //sell every player for his maximum price//. It doesn't matter for which price you put a player on the transfer list; the computer will buy him probably anyway.== Later in the season, this doesn't work well anymore. For this reason, you should keep an eye on transfer events, which are usually one weekend long. During such an event, as well as at the beginning of the season, you should //buy and resell as many players as you can to make money//. Otherwise, you should sell your players for around 1.5 times their value.==Go to the --tips page@/tips/@-- to see more advanced tips about transfers.

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Beginners Guide Tip - Tactics

Even if you have a cheap team, you can easily beat your opponents if you use the right tactics. Finding out which tactics you should use might seem hard. But it really isn't:== Just head over to the --counter tactics page@/tactics/counter-tactics/@-- and type the formation of your opponent into the search bar. //We will provide you with the best tactic to beat your opponent//.== You can find out the formation of your opponent by using the //data analyst//. But make sure to use your data analyst shortly before the game: Your opponent might change his tactic after you spied on him if you did it to early.==If you want to improve your teams performance even more, you should put 5 players of the same nationality in your team to get a //hidden bonus//.

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Beginners Guide Tip - Training

For getting good results, it is important that you train your players. This increases their rating and thus also their value.==It is important to know that //the rating of young players increases faster//. I would suggest to choose one young player from each position (attacker, middlefielder, defender, goalkeeper) that you always train. This will make sure that you have one really good player on each position.==If you want to know which players can be particularly well, head over to the --players page@/players/@--.==Also note that you can go to the //training camp// before important games. This will boost your team's performance by 25%. However, you should keep in mind that you can only go 6 times to the training camp and the price increases each time.

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Beginners Guide Tip - Stadium

Your Stadium is also something that you shouldn't disregard: You can expand your Stadium's capacity, pitch and training ground. I would suggest to //expand your trainig ground to 2 stars first//. This will increase the progression of your players during training. Then you should expand your capacity, which will increase your income from home games, and your pitch up to one star. If you expand your pitch, it will give you a slight home advantage. Afterwards you should expand your training ground again and then focus on the rest equally.==Another thing that you can do with your Stadium is //picking sponsors//: You can do that by clicking on 'Sponsors' and you should just choose the ones that pay you the highest amounts. But don't forget to renew the sponsors after they expire!

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